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When people ask, “so how did you get into filming?”, I usually tell them it started in college when a movie called the Blair Witch Project came out and showed how making a movie on a home video camera could make the big screen. But it goes back much farther than that.

When I was a kid, I lived in a small house with my mom, dad and older brother and sister. We had only one TV, so I didn’t get to choose much of what we got to watch. When I wasn’t outside playing or exploring the woods behind our house all day in the summers or after school, I would usually have to watch what my mom wanted to watch. I don’t remember minding too much cause cartoons only came on TV Saturday mornings. But with that, I was exposed to so many different TV shows and movies. Movies with John Wayne, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart. Musicals like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and TV shows like Lonesome Dove, MacGyver, Andy Griffith and yeah, Gilligan’s Island. The magic of the movies and shows I watched always made my imagination run wild with how the stories entertained me. I always had an imagination and loved the idea of creating something and how that made me feel and how it made others feel. Then going to see movies at drive-ins or the theaters, like E.T, Back to the Future, Batman and tons of others. It all goes back to that one TV in our house when I was a boy with a wild imagination and having a desire to create. Over time I finally found the path I was meant to be on with my gift of imagination and creativity, in filmmaking.

This passion for filmmaking has lead me into filming a variety of events and people everywhere, from reality tv to filming a boutique in Cabo. I especially love to meeting new couples and filming their wedding day. I want to tell a love story that will be a timeless and unforgettable experience.


Kentucky Castle: Torunn + Clint’s Engagement

Kentucky Castle: Torunn + Clint’s Engagement


When I film your wedding day, I want to get to know you, your fiancé and the story that surrounds you both; your families, friends, pets, experiences and life up to this moment. This approach is what makes your wedding day and film significant, and sets it apart from other wedding films. It's not just about getting details of flowers, jewelry, and decorations, rather, finding and capturing all the true emotion and real moments that are threaded into your wedding day; you sharing the day with people you love make your wedding day story special and meaningful. Your story is unique, and you deserve a timeless, unforgettable memory created in a wedding film that you will always cherish.



Sammy (Bride) - “We hired Scott based on the other raving reviews he’s received and I am so glad we did. He put us and everyone else involved at ease and was just an all around joy to work with….He is dedicated and passionate about his art and just an overall good person. It is easy to see how talented Scott is and we feel lucky to have worked with him!” 

Katlyn (Bride) - “He never complained, always threw out ideas on what to do when I just couldn’t think anymore, and was calm during the whole day of our wedding.” 

Taylor (Bridesmaid) - “Absolutely hands down the best of the best. Captured every moment and pieced together the most beautiful wedding perfectly.”

Located in the Nashville, TN area

Located in the Nashville, TN area