Scott Film Co. CineLUTs 2019

Scott Film Co. CineLUTs 2019

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I’m excited to offer 9 New Cinema LUTs. The LUTs are inspired by various locations of wedding films and other projects I have worked on. The LUTs work best when applied to a Flat Color Profile. You may need to make minor adjustments to the LUT intensity, as well as shadows, highlights, exposure, and white balance once the LUT is applied to meet your color grade needs for your specific project.

Included LUTs

Natural, Hero, 30A, Cabo, Appalachian, MeanGreen, Miami, Vibrance, B+W

The LUTs are for use in Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro. The LUTs were tested using footage from the Canon 5DMarkIV, and a Neutral Picture Style, with Sharpness 0, Contrast -4, Saturation -3, Colortone 0. This produces a flat/desaturated natural look. Its also always best to have the correct color temp/white balance and exposure for your footage to look the best.

You will need a LUT loader to apply the LUTs to your footage, I have provided the link to a free download for use in FCPX at Pixel Films Studios.

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